Welcome to the webpage of ProChess project


We are happy to announce that our initiative has been selected for support in the framework of Hungary - Serbia IPA Cross-Border Co-operation Programme.

As a result of the financial support Maróczy Géza Sport Club and Senta Chess Club organize a number of chess publicity events in co-operation in the Szeged (HU) and Senta (RS) area.

According to our expectations these events will promote the publicity of chess substantially in the cross border area. The highlighted target group of the planned events is 6-14 age range of the primary schools.

From September 2013 we have started chess trainings in the framework of optional afternoon classes in the following schools.


▪ Fehér Ignác Primary School, Algyő

▪ Imre Madach Hungarian-English  Bilingual Primary School, Szeged

▪ Petőfi Sándor  Primary School, Szeged

▪ Ságvári Endre Primary School, Szeged

▪ Weöres Sándor Primary School, Szeged


Advanced chess players will be tutored twice monthly by Gyula FEHER International Chess Master for 16 months from June 2013 to 2014 August.

Our goal is that the chess team players of Maróczy Géza Sport Club could participate in the 1st Class National Championship B Group (NBI/B) and 2nd Class National Championship as prepared as possible.

Further events and activities within the framework of the project:

▪ Organisation of 2 chess summer camps in Szeged (HU) and 2 summer chess camps in Senta (RS) during the project implementation period.

▪ Organization of other chess promoting events and activities (I. Szeged Chess Days)

▪ Procurement of Chess training related equipment (chess pieces, chessboards, projector, laptop)

▪ Communication activities (including the creation of present webpage).