ProChess (Promotion of chess sport and fostering youth chess education within the Hungarian-Serbian border region) project is implemented in the cooperation of two sports clubs, which have outstanding results in the education and training of young chess players.


Lead Partner:


Maróczy Géza Sport Club
6728 Szeged, Baktói u. 95.


Since its foundation in 1989 Maróczy Géza Sport Club has been holding that its most important tasks are to provide competition opportunities for local chess players, to help them in their development and to provide opportunity for the young to learn chess playing .


Every year the Sport Club participates in the individual and team competitions of the most important national tournaments. Among the national clubs that work in the field of education of young chess players Maróczy Géza Sport Club is among the best for years. In the list of the Hungarian Chess Federation the Sport Club is ranked fourth based on the results of the under 18 players.

The basis of the flow-in of new players is solid, the club has very good connections with local primary schools. Their cooperation with Tisza-parti Primary Scool goes back to more than ten years. With the help of the school the club organises chess events for the pre-school age group several times a month. These events are free of charge. At the premises of the school the club also organises events for the more committed in older age groups twice weekly.


For the young with outstanding results the club provides possibility to participate in adult teams. The club nominates 12-12 member teams in the 1st Class National Championship B Group (NBI/B) and 2nd Class National Championship (NBII) where the young also present in large proportions.


Project Partner:


Sakk Klub Zenta
24400 Zenta, Adai u. 7.


From the stories of trustworthy, but unfortunately deceased people we can state that chess playing in Senta has a more than a 100 years of history even if it can be proven by written evidence only from the thirties of the last century. Until October 1944 the game was only tolerated in smaller barbershops and larger restaurants. The change came when Nésity Izidor, the first mayor of the local Communist Council, organised the first Chess Tournament of the town in the Grand Hall of the Royal Hotel in January 1945.


After this, we can state that chess playing was present continually in Senta and launched the career of many talented chess players. Fostering young chess players became more important from the seventies and the activity has lasted up until present days. It is proven by the fact that Stevan Sremec Primary School of Senta has defended its 2012 title in 2013 in the Chess Tournament of the Serbian Primary Schools.